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You ask me why I spend my life writing? Do I find entertainment?  Is it worthwhile? Above all, does it pay? If not, then, is there a reason? I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still. ~ Sylvia Plath

Write down the reasons why you are doing your art. Be honest, there are no RIGHTs or WRONGs.

And then have a close look at that list and ask yourself if you are looking at a job or a calling, or a mix of both.

Does the balance feel right? Has it changed over the years?
If it did: Are you happy with that shift? If not:

What are you going to do to actually change it?

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  1. […] reason should always be a deep love for whatever art we are practising – a sense of “not being able to do anything else“. It’s not always easy, but it I believe this is what translates to our audience, […]

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