I recently started a series of live broadcasts on effective postural alignment for singers and thought I might as well integrate them into the blog. Topics we have recently discussed are:

The difference between posture and postural alignment

Quick fixes vs. longterm strategies

These are not instructional videos because to say it quite frankly, it is not possible to advise you on your ideal postural alignment and your individual strengths and weaknesses without actually seeing you (at least online, better in person), but these videos might give you an idea what to watch out for and how to work on your individual problems.

If you are looking for something you can try without much risk at home, have a look at this broadcast:

Alignment suited to your body and current state of vocal development

I am planning further broadcasts on the subject, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, feel free to join our closed Facebook group if you would like to discuss singing-related topics in a more protected environment.

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