I recently was the featured guest on Nancy Bos’s “Every Sing” podcast. We had an interesting conversation about mindset coaching, performance anxiety, and “getting a grip on your mind.”

From Nancy’s podcast notes:

“Our conversation is broken into two parts, first dealing with performance anxiety for the singer, and second, setting oneself up for a growth mindset as a professional.    Petra began in this field by wanting to move the conversation with her students from the pure level of empathy to actually knowing the steps to enable the client or student to come up with their own solutions.   Here’s the important points I’ve picked up so far:

Performance anxiety may be caused by

  1. a trauma from the past
  2. perfectionism, we don’t feel we are enough yet
  3. too much outward focus, not enough inward focus.

As a mindset coach, Petra works with people to “get a grip” on their own minds, like

  • self limiting beliefs
  • not wanting to reveal a weakness
  • comparing themselves too much to others”

If you feel that any of these issues affect you (or your students!), check out this episode on any apple or android podcast player by searching “Every Sing” and look for episode 49, or click here:

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And don’t forget to listen to the other amazing podcasts “Every Sing” has on offer!

I will happily answer your questions around these topics if you leave them in the comments…

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