Q: What do you get if a voice coach and therapist geeks out about superheroes (but really, it’s about all of us and our origin stories)?

A: Me on Nancy Bos’ EverySing podcast.

I am so glad Nancy’s podcast is back, and I feel honoured that she asked me to come back for the second time (if you want to check in on the first time, you can do this here). Well, sort of: The latest episode contains some of the key points of my recent presentations for Celebrate Singing

In case you’re wondering why I’m talking about superheroes: Because I was asked to after I sent a particular (or peculiar?) newsletter. Isn’t it great if people just get your playful weirdness (although superhero therapy is a real thing – just sayin’)? 

Have a listen/watch – I promise there’s a lot of useful info in there about

  • how our origin stories and the communities we move in influence our narratives and the way we react to life’s challenges (in this case, menopause for singers, but it’s really applicable in a much wider sense),
  • how we get fused to certain beliefs and have a hard time letting go of them
  • and much more…

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Petra Borzynski is a voice coach and therapist with special expertise in helping (performing) artists and creatives to overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to perform better and without fear. She has helped hundreds of people to prepare for or sustain a singing career, find personal fulfilment through music and overcome limiting beliefs & performance anxiety. Her articles on singing, creativity and performance psychology have been featured in several publications.
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