So How Does It All Work?

1. Schedule Your Initial Session

If you consider singing lessons or vocal coaching with me (no matter if in person or online), the first step is to book an initial session via my booking system below (you can forego this step if you are interested in “Sing me a Song!”, although you might still find it helpful).

Please note that initial sessions are always 60 minutes long, no matter your age or experience, so we have enough time to get to know each other:

  • I will do a vocal assessment with you, and we can work through a song of your choice so I get an idea about your current stage of vocal development.
  • You get to know my teaching style and can decide if my studio fulfils your expectations.
  • Together, we will then come up with an action plan towards reaching your musical and vocal goals.

If you cannot find a suitable slot during times of high booking volume, please contact me. I will either put you on my waiting list, or we will try to figure out a short term solution to get you started.

Schedule Appointment

2. Spark – Keep It Flexible With Drop-in Sessions

If you are over 16 and regular attendance is tricky for you, please book drop-in sessions via the diary below. These sessions offer high flexibility and are therefore usually more suitable for singers with a bit of experience: Please bear in mind that for beginning singers, reasonable progress is linked to regular attendance – you take weekly piano lessons when you start out, and the same holds true for singing.

3. Book A Lesson Package Or Subscription

If you want to advance as a singer or creative artist, you need to fully commit and hold yourself accountable. The best way to do this is to attend regularly so good vocal habits can be established.

My studio values commitment and offers great value packages and subscriptions to students who attend regularly.

Packages are for students who are committing to weekly attendance and not intended to be used like a “punch card”/stretched out over a long period of time (hence they have an expiration date).

Subscription pricing is calculated based on 40 service weeks per year and weekly attendance, not the number of lessons you take in any given month. So you don’t need to pay any extra if you get more than 3 lessons per month (40/12 = 3.3), or if you receive more than 40 weeks of service per year. For this reason, holidays and periods of absence are paid through.

Both lesson packages and subscriptions offer enough flexibility to plan your sessions around work or school commitments – it is up to you if you prefer a fixed slot or would rather book appointment to appointment.

Sing a Song

Sing me a Song!

The vocal coaching subscription with a difference:

This is not a lesson-, but a feedback model. Every week, you send me a Marco Polo video of your singing. I will send you a video with tips and “homework” that you will practise for your next submission.

Your investment: £15/week + one-time signup fee of £5


My monthly subscription model for singers who attend weekly for 30 minutes (mainly recommended for singers under 16 or singers who would benefit from shorter online sessions).

Between your sessions, you have access to me via Marco Polo for feedback.

Your investment: £80/month + one-time signup fee of £20


The option for committed singers who would like to attend at least once per week.
You purchase a block of time and need to commit to attending weekly for at least 60 minutes.

Any combination of 30 and 60 min slots is possible. Time not taken within 90 days will expire.

Your investment: £145

4. Looking For A Gift Voucher?

If you want to give the gift of music (and confidence!) to the singer, actor or speaker in your life, why not purchase a gift voucher?

I Look Forward to Working With You!

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