I freely admit it: When I first signed up for Twitter, I didn’t quite get it, and I also didn’t really have the time to look into it on a deeper level.

Time is sadly still an issue to this very day, and my Twitter activity levels fluctuate greatly, depending on my various commitments (I face the same problem with this blog, so apologies for being a bit quiet at times).

My Twitter account lay more or less dormant for a long time, but I decided to give it another, more serious, shot at some point – I can’t even remember what exactly sparked it. I soon discovered that a good mix between providing/sharing interesting content, and a genuine interest for communicating got me quite a few followers in a rather short amount of time. Well, over 1400 is a lot for me – it is probably not that much for other people.

I think Twitter is awesome – I got in contact with so many interesting people I would have never met otherwise, and I actually got work through it as well (namely teaching singing online via Skype). I would really encourage every musician/creative artist to give it a try.

In October 2012, Creatively Forward‘s founder Aaron Diecker contacted me and asked if I was interested in joining his project to become one of its “experts”. To quote the man himself:

Creatively Forward is a website, Twitter feed, and Facebook feed providing the best resources and tips to musicians in order to improve their craft. Creatively Forward is also a marketing platform for the most brilliant independent content creators. Pair these two groups together and you get an inspired community of learners and creators.

I didn’t need to think about this for long, because I had already followed @CreativelyFwrd on Twitter for a while, and I knew their tweets were interesting, varied and inspiring for musicians. So I was really thrilled Aaron approached me with his idea to start a series of tweets specifically geared towards singers. We simply picked #SingingTip as our hashtag, and off we went.

I don’t think I need to mention that cramming advice about singing into 140 characters is very difficult, and it caused me a headache at times: The project is ambitious, with one tweet every day from Monday to Friday, 1 p.m. PST (we are at 100 now!). It can never replace the work with a real-life coach (in my opinion, no written instruction can), but it can give you a few hints on how to spot problems you might have, and when it might be a good idea to get the opinion of a pro. Then there’s obviously also the type of advice you cannot really go wrong with, because it is not specifically aimed at vocal problems, but more geared towards the daily life of a musician/singer in general.

Tweet: Reading online instruction can never replace the work with a real-life coach, but it can give you a few hints. @singingtutor

Which brings me to what Creatively Forward is really about:

Creatively Forward is an inspired collection of the best resources and tips to help you become an amazing musician.

Their webpage, Twitter and Facebook feeds cover everything from songwriting, singing, playing the guitar, recording and marketing. They also have a Quora page, where you can ask your questions (needless to say your questions will also be answered on all their other platforms, very often by the individual experts involved).

This is why I would like to encourage any budding musician to check out their page, follow their Twitter and/or like their Facebook page. It will provide you with a wealth of interesting information…

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