“Stepping Into Your Superhero Self” – Proactive, Problem- and Emotion-focused Coping Skills for Women New to Midlife

Did you know that Superhero Therapy is a real, evidence-based thing in the mental health world? Even without straying into the realms of therapy: Our favourite superheroes not only teach us a lot about our worldview and our deepest values, but also about our core beliefs and the cognitive distortions we might occasionally fall victim …

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ACT-based Mindfulness for Nervous Performers

Join us at the Sing Space for a brief mindfulness session for performers who feel nervous (either before a performance, or in general life). It is based on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Coaching (ACT/ACC) and designed with a view on accepting unpleasant feelings instead of pushing them away, or trying to “get on …

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Celebrate Singing: For Women in Midlife and Beyond

I will be one of the presenters at Celebrate Singing: For Women in Midlife and Beyond April 16 – 18! Nancy Bos has gathered together fun, powerful, creative, talented and influential speakers from around the globe. It’s the first summit ever created like this. These speakers are an amazing array of people bringing their brilliance to …

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Wellbeing and Reflection Session for Choir Leaders

I will run an online well-being and reflection session for choir leaders on August 29. This event is organised by Beth Morgan/The Creative Choir Leader. From her webpage: “In this session with musician and life coach Petra Raspel, we will explore our own personal journeys as choir leaders, adjusting to the effects of the pandemic. We will also …

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