Celebrate Singing Conference “Better Together”

Date April 23, 2022-April 24, 2022

I am so excited to be back presenting for Celebrate Singing’s Spring Conference “Better Together”. 

Join us for two days of presentations about:

  • How singers’ journeys have empowered others to boost their vocal health.
  • How to enhance the physical and neurological changes that can cause the voice to noticeably slow down.
  • How to optimize food choices for women and specifically for their voices.
  • Which menopause symptoms can’t be ignored, i.e. a hoarse voice.
  • Why aging and menopause affect the voice differently and what it means for women.
  • The best mind-body connection methods to keep the voice strong

and much more.

I will present on Peak Performance and Flow: How to Step Into Your Innate Awesomeness.

Get your tickets here.

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