Celebrate Singing: For Women in Midlife and Beyond

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I will be one of the presenters at Celebrate Singing: For Women in Midlife and Beyond April 16 – 18!

Nancy Bos has gathered together fun, powerful, creative, talented and influential speakers from around the globe. It’s the first summit ever created like this.

These speakers are an amazing array of people bringing their brilliance to serve the greater good, and they are here to make a difference.

The World Voice Day theme is “One World|Many Voices”, and this conference celebrates women worldwide in shaping a more equal future for women singing through aging and the menopausal journey.

This is an epic online three-day summit, and I’d love for you to come to engage with me and the other presenters, sharing their passion and expertise! This summit is all online, so you can join from anywhere with internet access. Session videos will be available for registrants for 8 months after the conference!

Register Now https://celebratesinging.live/

Our speakers, from around the globe, will share on topics like these….

  • The Singer as an Athlete
  • Mind-Body Connection for Singers
  • Vocal Health for Singing Women in their 40s and Beyond
  • What Voice Type Am I Now?
  • Adjusting to Change
  • Yoga for Singers
  • Comedy entertainment from Jan van de Stool!

My talk will be: “ADJUSTING TO CHANGE – The Narratives of Transformation and Liberation as a Conscious Choice” 

Attendance is discounted for Early Bird until March 15th, so please join early!

Register Now: https://celebratesinging.live/

PS: Share the love! If you would share this with other women, singing teachers, and choral directors, that would be wonderful! Please share the link: https://celebratesinging.live/

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