Mental Health in the Voice Studio (ViP Guest Speaker)

Date November 12, 2021-November 14, 2021

I will be a guest speaker for Vocology in Practice’s Virtual Voice Conference between November 12-14. We will talk about Mental Health in the Voice Studio:

The lines between coaching and therapy, emotional support and “meddling”, can sometimes feel extremely precarious. How do we stay true to coaching principles, when are we crossing the line into therapeutic territory? 

How could you rethink the way you operate your studio to make it a safer and more welcoming place without any need for disclosure from the client’s end? 

In this presentation, we will explore common mental health problems you are likely to encounter in your studio so you can effectively signpost/refer the student to the appropriate professional support network. We will also talk about boundaries, boundary violations (in both directions!) and last but not least, how we can protect our clients’ and our own mental health.

Join us for an amazing line-up of speaker and get your tickets here: https://vocology-in-practice.mykajabi.com/events

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