Somatic Coaching for Performance Anxiety

Mental Health in the Performing Arts
Date October 15, 2021

This one hour webinar, hosted by the Sing Space, will give you an introduction into Somatic Coaching/Somatic Experiencing with a special focus on how our nervous system reacts to stress and trauma, and how these stressful experiences can affect us as performers. We will also explore a basic technique towards the end of the session to give you an insight into how somatic coaching works on a practical level.

Please use discretion if you have very recently experienced trauma, or if you think you have been through traumatic experiences that have not been fully resolved. You can still take part in the webinar, but you might find the practical work too activating. If this is the case, do not force participation – you will still benefit form the theoretical background and might want to look into more individualised work.

No voice-work will happen in this webinar.

Further booking info here.

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