“Stepping Into Your Superhero Self” – Proactive, Problem- and Emotion-focused Coping Skills for Women New to Midlife

Stepping Into Your Superhero Self
Date January 14, 2022-January 15, 2022

Did you know that Superhero Therapy is a real, evidence-based thing in the mental health world?

Even without straying into the realms of therapy: Our favourite superheroes not only teach us a lot about our worldview and our deepest values, but also about our core beliefs and the cognitive distortions we might occasionally fall victim to.

Whether you prefer male or female superheroes, DC or Marvel, the antihero-territory-skirting flawed human or the goddess with infallible faith in the world:

In this session, which is part of the “New to Midlife”-event run by Celebrate Singing, I will talk about healing and empowerment for women. Feelings of uncertainty, or even fear, never made any superhero less heroic, and through honing our skills of self-compassion, acceptance and honesty with ourselves and others, we can all learn to step into our power.

You can purchase your tickets for this live online event here, and the recording will be available for two weeks after (which might be needed for most European folks since it very late for us over here ;)).

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