Dear Students and Clients!

I am happy to announce that from September 1, 2021, there will be limited opportunity for in person lessons at the studio again.

Please keep in mind that singing remains a high risk activity not necessarily comparable to other activities, and for this reason, some precautions need to be in place. 

I still offer online lessons, and I encourage you to stay online under the following circumstances:

  • You aren’t double vaccinated 
  • You, or someone in your household, are of vulnerable health/were previously in the shielding category
  • Online is simply more comfortable and convenient for you (that’s totally ok – we’ve done it for so long, and it works 🙂)

I absolutely require you to stay online if:

  • You display any symptoms of a cold or flu, even if they aren’t COVID-specific – students who arrive at the studio with cold symptoms will be sent home, and the lesson will still be charged as per my general cancellation policy. Please be responsible. 
  • You have been in contact with someone who has COVID, even if you don’t display symptoms yourself. Please follow government advice in this case. 

To keep everyone safe, I will also put the following rules/changes into place:

  • I am fully vaccinated and will take regular lateral flow tests to keep my students safe. I encourage you to do the same 1 day prior to your lesson (e.g. your lesson is Wednesday at 5pm – take a test after Tuesday 5pm). These tests are free and easily available here, at local pharmacies and test centres.
  • My cancellation policy of 48 hours will stay in place, also in case of minor illness – nothing has changed in this regard. If you have to cancel, e.g. because of a positive lateral flow test or contact, but you feel well enough to sing, you will have your lesson online instead. Once again: We’ve done it for over a year, so lessons won’t be cancelled just because of self-isolation requirements.
  • This also means that I might occasionally need to move our session online because I have been a contact or suffer with minor symptoms of a cold, or that lessons will be moved back online completely if the overall infection rates warrant it. This does not constitute a right on your behalf to skip lessons, or put them on hold.
  • I will remain socially distanced and wear a face shield since this is the best compromise between you seeing my face and some level of protection for both of us. Use discretion with regards to your own mask/shield use and do what is most comfortable for you.
  • Due to the Omicron variant rapidly spreading, I will not only remain socially distanced, but will now go back to wearing a mask. I might take the mask off very briefly to demonstrate but will keep those instances to a minimum. Please consider wearing your own mask for the duration of your lesson with minimum interruption, or consider if it would be a better option for you to stay online.
  • Accompanying parents/guardians will be required to stay masked. If you are uncomfortable with masking, please drop off your child at the door and don’t enter the premises.
  • Arrive at the premises on time (not early) to minimise contact with other students/parents, and ring the doorbell just before your lesson starts (the waiting area won’t be available at this moment in time).
  • Use your own hand sanitiser before entering the premises. Hand sanitiser can also be provided upon entering the teaching space.
  • Keep touching studio surfaces to the necessary minimum.
  • If you use the toilet, wipe down surfaces after use with the wipes provided.
  • Bring your own water since at this moment in time, no refreshments will be provided in the waiting area.
  • Windows will be kept ajar at all times to ensure proper ventilation. If you get cold easily, please consider an extra layer/jumper.
  • Sessions will begin to wrap up at 55/40/25 minutes to ensure you leave the premises on time.
  • I need to air the studio and wipe down surfaces before the next student arrives. This means that the amount of available lesson slots will be reduced (for this reason, please consider if staying online might still be an option for you).
  • Leave your phone number/inform me of any changes to help with track and trace efforts.

These measures are easy to follow and will help protect you, me, our loved ones and ultimately everyone. 

Thank you for your cooperation – I look forward to seeing you again!

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