life and performance coaching for musicians, artists and creatives

Are you sick of knowing what to do technically, but falling apart every time it matters (performances, auditions etc)?

Do your performances lack emotional and/or audience connection despite your being technically proficient?

Are you convinced that what you do is not good enough, and you will never get that gig, contract or publishing deal?

Do you suffer from (performance) anxiety, and nothing you try seems to help?

Performance anxiety, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs are more common than you think (no, you are not alone!).

They are based on negative inner dialogue, a focus on all the things that could potentially go wrong, feelings of shame and embarrassment and a fear of not living up to expectations (mainly your own).

Notice the commonality? All these things are based on thoughts and feelings, not what is happening out there in “the real world”.

We often make the mistake to believe that performance anxiety, for instance, is linked to external reasons, when in fact, all external situations do is trigger a (learned) thought-pattern, emotional response (“feelings”) and consequently – physical symptoms. Enter the negative feedback loop, where the physical response that actually has been triggered by thoughts in the first place will set off new negative thought patterns and emotional responses, which will… well, you get the picture.

The good news is that everything that has been learned can be “unlearned”. Or better: A mind that is used to working in a certain, maybe not so helpful, way is well capable to reframe itself.

It is entirely possible to work with anxiety (instead of against it).

You are capable to perform well despite feeling anxious and being caught up in a loop of negative thoughts once you finally understand what causes them, and how your mind and body actually work.

My three element framework is usually 10 weeks long (I will assess your individual needs in an intake session, and we will talk about what exactly you need help with). You will learn

☑️ WHY you are prone to develop limiting beliefs (and performance anxiety)

☑️ WHAT your triggers are and

☑️ HOW you can ultimately find a solution to work at your absolute best

We will work together online, or you can choose to have our sessions at my studio in Dumbarton if you are local.

During our time together, you will also receive support in between sessions if needed (via email), and all clients receive a special, discounted rate for additional and subsequent sessions.

Get in touch to arrange your intake session and finally perform without fear and limiting beliefs and have the artistic life you always dreamed of: Nothing can hold you back but yourself!