It is finally here – the self-study course for performing arts teachers who want to make their studios more inclusive and mental health aware spaces.

In 2021, I ran a five-part webinar series about Mental Health in the Performing Arts Studio. Nearly 50 teachers from all over the world registered for what was supposed to be a one-off series about

  • professional boundaries,
  • becoming more mental health- and trauma-aware without straying into diagnostic or therapeutic territory, and
  • learning safe and helpful approaches to support students not only when they experience performance anxiety, but also when life feels difficult and emotions run high.

I had so many enquiries from people who hadn’t initially registered to also make the webinar replays available for them, which made me recognise that there was a real need. And because I wanted to provide the support so many are obviously seeking as quickly as possible, I decided to turn the webinars into a self-study course.

You Will Receive Nearly 7 Hours of Video Recordings!

It doesn’t stop there though:

I have also added video transcripts for those of you who would like to read along, audio recordings to listen on the go, and all the slides to jog your memory.

Repurposing the webinars in this way will keep the cost of the course more affordable for many.

Having said this: Since you will gain lifetime access to this course, you will also receive every future update at no additional cost.

This Self-Study Course Is For You If...

The Course

This is what you’ll get…

1. The Nuts & Bolts - Course Materials

Almost 7 hours of video lectures, Accompanying materials, Quizzes to test your knowledge, Certificate of Completion.

2. Lifetime Access incl. Updates

Need to take a break from studying? Want to revisit? Worried information will become redundant as science moves on? You will always stay in the loop.

3. Further Study Opportunities at a Reduced Price

For everyone who has taken this self-study course, access to deeper learning opportunities, like consultations or themed teacher trainings, is available at a reduced rate.

And These Are Your Course Modules…

  1. Introduction: You will learn what this course is, what it enables you to do, and what it doesn’t.
  2. It All Starts With Boundaries: What are boundaries, how do they apply in the performing arts studio, and why are they necessary to protect both our own and our client’s mental health and wellness.
  3. About Inclusive Spaces And Being Trauma-Aware: What is trauma, how can it show up in ourselves and the people we work with, and how do we adjust our teaching to be truly supportive of trauma survivors without a need for them to disclose.
  4. The Mental Health Of Performers: What mental health problems are especially prevalent in the arts and why – and how we can chip away at the environments that create them little by little.
  5. What We Focus On Expands: An entire module devoted to performance anxiety, its manifestations, and how we can help without transgressing into therapeutic territory.
  6. What If Performers Were ACTing Like Superheroes: How you can use principles of acceptance and commitment coaching/therapy (ACC/ACT) in your studio and support your clients on their “hero’s journey” towards becoming psychologically flexible performers

Common Qs And As:

1. How Long Will it Take?

It depends on you. You can certainly complete this course in a week if you finish one module every day, but I would advise you to let the information sink in and settle before moving on. You might also want to do some additional reading on the topics that are discussed to round off your study. The good thing about this course is that you can complete it in your own time. Whether it takes you a week or a year doesn't matter - the materials will always be there for you to come back to. You will also get every further update at no additional cost.

2. Scope of Practice: Is This an Accredited Mental Health Qualification?

While I will provide you with a certificate of completion for your records, this is not an accredited mental health qualification. If you want to offer counselling services or psychotherapy, you *have* to become fully qualified. I will happily advise you on how/where to get started, but I cannot stress enough that NONE of the mental health courses for performing arts teachers out there will qualify you to offer these services, and that the idea (or promise) they might is ill-advised. It is exactly the reason why I created this course in the first place: So you understand scope of practice and stay boundaried.

3. Can I Pay in Instalments?

Since all modules of the course are immediately available, the answer is no. I tried to keep the course affordable due to the importance of the topics; I understand that even this really low price (considering the value you are getting) can be challenging. If you would really like to do the course but don't have the funds right now: This course will be available for the foreseeable future, so you can come back when the time is right. I also offer a £25 off voucher to people subcribed to my newsletter (just a little tip :))
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