…do you keep asking yourself one of the following questions:

“Should I believe the people who tell me I “can’t sing”?

“I normally feel secure in my (vocal) technique, but why do I freeze every time it really matters (auditions, performances…)?”

“Why do I get creatively stuck all the time and feel like such a failure?”

“I have no clue how to perform with emotion and technique?”


My name is Petra Raspel, and I help creatives overcome their mental blocks so they can finally have the career of their dreams and find emotional freedom doing what they love.

Many coaching programs will only show you how to further your technique. I offer you so much more: Apart from being an accomplished musician and educator, I am also psychologically trained, and my ability to help you overcome your limiting beliefs is what truly sets my coaching apart.

It is entirely possible to perform at your absolute best once you overcome your mental blocks, whether you suffer from performance nerves or not. You can nail that audition, make your dream of a career in a creative field reality and do not need to subscribe to the idea of “the starving artist”. I am here for you along the way and will give you the tools to get clear about your goals, become aware of your strengths and tackle your mental blocks so you can finally take action towards having the creative career of your dreams.