No matter if you simply want to learn to sing, find your voice in the truest sense of the word, suffer from performance anxiety, hold limiting beliefs around what you can or cannot do or have too much on your (creative) plate:

My name is Petra Raspel Borzynski, and I am here for you along the way to give you the tools to get clear about your goals, become aware of your strengths and move through your blocks so you can finally take action towards stepping into your awesome.

Apart from being an accomplished musician and educator, I am also trained in psychology, somatic therapy and cognitive behavioural approaches. What truly sets my coaching apart is that I can help performers like you regulate their nervous system, reconnect with their body and their deepest values so they can perform and live freely.

Find Your Voice and Share the Stories You Have to Tell – The World Needs to Hear Them…

It is entirely possible to perform at your absolute best despite your fears. Your emotions do not need to hold you back from nailing that audition, performing at your absolute best or making your dream of a career in a creative field reality – they are your strongest asset…

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