Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions?

“Should I just give up and believe the people who tell me I can’t sing (paint/write/dance/act…)?”

“I normally feel secure in my technique, but why do I freeze every time it really matters?”

“Why do I get creatively stuck all the time and feel like such a failure?”

“I have no clue how to perform with emotion and technique?”

“Can I possibly charge people for that? No one is going to hire me if I put my prices up…”

“Why is my career not taking off?”

Welcome to Singing Sense – Petra Raspel Coaching!

No matter if you suffer from performance anxiety, hold limiting beliefs around what you can or cannot do, your money mindset could do with a bit of TLC or you have too much on your plate and feel stressed or burned out:

I am here for you along the way and will give you the tools to get clear about your goals, become aware of your strengths and tackle your mental blocks so you can finally take action towards stepping into your awesome.

Apart from being an accomplished musician and educator, I am also psychologically trained, and my ability to help you overcome your limiting beliefs is what truly sets my coaching apart.

That creative career you always dreamed of? It’s completely within your reach…

It is entirely possible to perform at your absolute best once you overcome your mental blocks. You can nail that audition, make your dream of a career in a creative field reality and do not need to subscribe to the idea of “the starving artist” ever again…