I offer a range of options for people who cannot or do not want to commit to regular coaching sessions:

Individual Online Coaching (vocal, performance, life and business)

If you want my individual attention, there is always the option to book an ad hoc 1-2-1 session. You can do this here.

I also offer individual, tailor-made cognitive coaching packages. These are suitable for all creatives – no matter if you are a musician, performing artist (singer, actor, dancer), visual artist (e.g. photographer or painter), or if you work in any other creative field. Core areas to work on can range from performance anxiety to artistic identity crisis, general life coaching to business coaching. If this is something that interests you, please contact me to discuss your options.

Online Webinars and Classes for Singers, Musicians, Actors, Performers, Artists and Creatives

I offer themed webinars to small groups of participants. These small groups are brilliant for a multitude of reasons: Group environments, and the opportunity to bounce ideas off likeminded people, have been proven to improve learning (and they’re also great fun!). At the same time, the group size is still small enough to get individual attention. If you prefer to just listen, that’s ok, too.

These webinars and classes will only take place if there is enough interest, and I will then schedule a mutually convenient time via Doodle. All sessions will be made available as replays, so even if you have to miss the session unexpectedly, you won’t miss out. Some available topics:

Performance Anxiety

Artistic Identity Crisis and Creative Blocks

Emotion and Intent in Singing, Performing and Acting

Vocal Versatility – How to sing in different musical styles

If there are any other topics you would like me to cover, I am all ears – just put them in your email, and I will consider adding them to the list.

Please use this form to signal your interest (there’s no commitment involved), and put the name of the webinar/course in the subject line:

Online (self-study) courses

I will soon publish self-study online courses about different singing-, performance- and psychology-related topics. Please check back in regularly to see what is available.

Up until then, get a free taster here

I look forward to working with you, in whatever way!