Petra is the absolute best! Her expertise and her people skills are incomparable! She is very generous and open-minded and the moment I met her, I knew that I found a colleague I could trust.

Izzie Singer, Actor, Audition Coach

“Petra has been very helpful in me helping MY clients and students! I asked her to come speak to a class I was teaching about boundaries in the studio.
Her knowledge and experience in psychology make her highly intuitive, while giving her the ability to call out people to their best selves.
I recommend Petra highly when you need performance anxiety help, as well!
Thank you, Petra, for your work in this area!”

Michelle Vocal and Business Coach

“[My] recital went really well yesterday. Thank you so much for your support and guidance over the past year. It’s been wonderful having you as a tutor.”

Rhona Singer/Songwriter, Music Student

I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your modules. They are my favourite so far of the whole course. So interesting and clearly presented. You’re amazing!

Gemma Vocal Coach

“Most of the people who come along are used to singing at home and not in public, but she has everybody harmonising. It’s been great.”

Jim West Dunbartonshire Community Music Project

“Thank you for all your help during this year. I have learned a lot with you, and your lessons have been a great help for me to go on with my singing studies [at Conservatoire].”

Ana Classical Voice Student

“Petra is a wonderful singing tutor and coach. She has the perfect balance between working on technique and emotional engagement of a song, whilst encouraging exercises beyond the repertoire to develop the voice.
Petra is also one of the most patient coaches ever, I’ve been her student for a while now and really happy with how things are progressing!”

Kiana Singer/Songwriter

Petra is a wonderful coach and mentor. She guides you, supports you and gives you the tools to become the vocalist you want to be. I have been her student for nine months and am feeling so much better about my voice and how to look after it and get the best out of it.

Kendal Singer, Music Student

“Thank you so much for everything you do! For having patience with me. For helping me find my voice and finding myself through that journey. You are a great teacher and you haven’t seen the last of me.”

Luisa Singer & Singing Tutor

“It really was fantastic and I can’t wait for more (…). Your passion is so evident. Thank you so much!”

Martine Lead Singer

“Thanks very much for your help with the group’s singing. It may not have seemed like much, but it really helped our confidence.”

Loch Lomond Young Farmers Youth Club

“After just 1 session with you, J. had the confidence to sing with her theatre group. Thank you!”

Margaret Mother

Thanks very much for all your help cause it feels good to be singing again.

Max Music Student

“Highly recommend this! So much value, everyone should try it!”

Annika Vocal Coach

“Petra had been on my radar for some time. I asked her to help me address my mindset recently when navigating a health challenge. I really appreciated combination of somatic and cognitive work – it helped me get out of the intellectual zone and into the body zone which was exactly what I needed. Now when my challenge raises its head, I have strategies for ‘tuning in’ and am coping far better. Petra’s work on the emotional, psychological and somatic self can really help you move forward if you are feeling stuck.”

Gillyanne Voice Teacher & Researcher

“Our voice is our power. [You are] helping me craft mine. (…) Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher and person. (…) Life wouldn’t be right without you or music in it.”

Freyja Recreational Singer

Over the past 6 weeks (…) I have been engaging with somatic experiencing: feeling and hearing rather than dictating my reactions, allowing my body to participate in, even to direct, my choices. I really recommend this as a way forward if you’re stuck in mind or body. Nothing works for everyone, and most practices work in combination – this is a tool I’m so happy to add to my collection. At a basic level, the somatic work has reconnected me to my experience of the fight, flight, freeze responses. I have fresh understanding of my own reactions. There is so much to this work. It’s brought enormous clarity to my needs and desires at a time of great change and uncertainty. It’s eased my daily experience of life, revealed and explained the quality of my relationships – with acquaintances old and new. It’s given me new perspectives on others’ behaviour, helped me to connect with my little boy and to be alive to his connection and ways of communicating. It’s wrought tiny benefits to my day that have made huge changes to my life. It’s filtered the distortion of my thoughts into clear sound. Somatic experiencing work is new to me, and I won’t be putting it to one side. The pairing of body and mind have never been clearer to me. I’ll ignore the former again at my peril.

Sophie Voice & Development Coach

“Thanks for being such fun – I continue to look forward to each lesson. (…) You are fab!”

Philippa Musical Theatre Student

“After being part of my 4th group singing session, I’m absolutely loving it! And that is all down to Petra being an absolute amazing teacher! Being an amateur and having no technical training is scary! But Petra manages to relax you…she has taught me so much (…)”

Karen Recreational Singer

“I’ve been running my voice studio mainly through word of mouth and this year I’m incorporating more self promotion. Your talk was just the boost I needed to feel good getting out there. Thanks!”

Aliana Singer & Singing Teacher

“Your lessons are really helping me … I can’t wait to see you next.”

Gaia Child Student

There is so much to thank you for, it’s hard to find the words! Suffice it to say, we are deeply grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge in your presentation as we built the first Celebrate Singing conference together.

We all witnessed the incredibly positive, powerful effect you had on our participants. It was more than we could have ever dreamed possible.

Thank you from our whole hearts.

Nancy Author, Speaker, Performer

“Thank you so much for (…) the video (…), it was absolutely brilliant! You inspired some of us to take up singing again!”

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health and Social Care Partnership

(…) throughout the years I went back to your advice which I found very valuable.
N. (…) did the level 5 and (…) Level 6 of the Trinity Rock and pop with improvisation. In both exams he managed to achieve distinction.
You cannot imagine how grateful I am for your valuable input (…)

Stephania Mother

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