Our mental health, and that of our students, matters. I consider removing the stigma around mental health issues the most important part of my work – that’s why I have developed a range of services for performing arts teachers who want to make their studios or organisations truly inclusive and trauma-aware spaces. 

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Through the years, I have spoken at many conferences and presented for numerous organisations on topics like performance anxiety, trauma-awareness and mental health in the performing arts. If you would like me to speak at your event or present/run a workshop for you, please have a look at what's possible, or get in touch for a bespoke solution.
Would you like to make your studio a more inclusive space but don't know where to start? Are you sometimes worried to cross over into counselling or therapy? Would you like to help one of your students more effectively?
My consultations offer bespoke solutions for whatever is most important to you
These are well-rounded, two hour long trainings on pre-selected topics like anxiety & depression, self-harm & suicide, trauma-awareness and resilience. These trainings are for teachers who want to deep-dive into a particular topic.
If you have a student/client who suffers with performance anxiety, or if both of you feel that guidance around mental health/moving through issues related to your client's mental wellness would be helpful: I offer a consultation package in which the three of us will come up with solutions for your particular problem.
Check in below on a regular basis to see the online courses and workshops I have in store, or to signal your interest to take part in the next run of one of my LIVE classes. And don't forget to sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay in the loop about new offerings and events.
A self-study course with almost 7 hours of video content on topics like boundaries, trauma-awareness, mental health conditions & mental wellness, music performance anxiety and acceptance and commitment coaching. Participants of this course will get special discounts for integration sessions/consultations.

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