Performance Anxiety, Cognitive Behavioural & Somatic Coaching

Finally perform, write or create art without getting in your own way.
Let go of limiting beliefs, fear and performance anxiety by learning to regulate your nervous system, reframe your thinking and take action that is aligned with your deepest values with my Breakthrough Program for Creatives (online or in person).

Vocal Coaching (Online or Dumbarton Studio)

Develop a powerful and free voice without having to sacrifice your musical preferences or sounding like everyone else.
All lessons are currently conducted online due to Covid-19:
Learning to sing with solid technique and using the power of intention also work from the comfort of your own home.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of music and/or support to the singer, actor or speaker in your life.
Gift vouchers are available for both vocal and cognitive/somatic coaching (max. 3 sessions).