Is there anything I need to know before I book?

Booking & Payment

  • All services are payable in advance/upon booking. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO YOUR FIRST SESSION/MONTH, so please be aware that you will need to pay upfront upon arranging a lesson time.
  • Subsequent sessions, packages or subscriptions can be paid, again in advance, in the studio by card, or online via my webpage. Payments via bank transfer are accepted for UK customers only. At this point, the studio does not accept cash or cheques.
  • All online payments are automatically processed via Memberships Pro and/or Stripe. Your data is encrypted and safe; none of your card or bank details are visible to Singing Sense at any point.
  • All sales are final. Subscriptions, coaching packages, webinars and gift vouchers, or remaining sessions therein, are non-refundable. This does not affect your statutory rights, or your cooling off period (if applicable).
  • Recovery of any fees owed is subject to UK late payment legislation.

Subscriptions & Payment Plans

  • SINGING SUBSCRIPTIONS (“Sing me a Song!” and “Ignite Singing”) will be charged on a rolling basis, either weekly or monthly. You can cancel any time (no minimum commitment) before your next billing cycle starts. Please make sure you do not cancel late since all sales are final, and there won’t be any monetary refunds for sessions not taken during an active billing cycle (e.g. if you cancel halfway through your billing cycle or choose not to attend/submit regularly).
  • Subscription pricing is calculated on 40 weeks of service availability per year, not the amount of sessions/submissions in any given month (e.g. over the course of a year, they will provide you with at least 40 weeks in which the coach will be available to schedule your sessions). You don’t need to pay any extra if you get more than 3 lessons per month (40/12 = 3.3) or if you receive more than 40 weeks of service per year. For the same reason, holidays/absences of both coach and coachee are paid through. If you subscribe for more than a year, service availability resets to 40 weeks on your anniversary date.
  • “Stop-start” subscriptions are discouraged since they are not in the spirit of how the subscription system works. If you cancel your monthly subscription for each short absence, the sign-up fee will be due every time you re-subscribe. Furthermore, a space cannot be guaranteed upon your return since your slot will be made available to other students.
  • PAYMENT PLANS (“Creative Breakthrough Ignite and Liftoff”) will be charged on a monthly rolling basis in accordance with your chosen payment plan. Even if you decide not to take the full amount of sessions, the balance for the whole program will be due.

Packages, Gift Vouchers and Webinars

  • Sessions in packages have to be taken at the agreed interval (weekly or fortnightly) and expire 90 days after purchase. This way, we ensure that you get the most out of your sessions and make satisfactory progress while still leaving enough “wriggle room” for absences. Exceptions will be discussed in case of longer illness or planned absence.
  • Gift vouchers have to be redeemed within 12 months of purchase, after which time they will expire unless otherwise agreed.
  • Webinars will take place on the day specified upon booking. No monetary refunds will be given if you cannot attend live or choose not to watch the replay during the time it is available.


  • Cancellation of coaching sessions requires 48 hours notice, otherwise the full fee is payable, regardless of the reason for your cancellation. This also applies in cases of minor illness. Sessions cancelled with sufficient notice will be rescheduled, but no monetary refunds will be given.
  • If you have to cancel short notice for whatever reason (transport, contagious illness but well enough to sing etc), please note that it is always possible to have your lesson online – I want you to get the most out of your investment.
  • If you are late, or (in case of online lessons) have not set up your equipment, our session will still finish on time. Therefore, please make sure you arrive on time and that everything is working properly in advance.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late without giving any notice, I might leave the studio premises/log off online, and your session will be forfeit.
  • An adverse weather policy is in place in line with West Dunbartonshire Council’s school closures (i.e. lessons cancelled due to bad weather will be rescheduled if schools are closed). If WDC schools are open, please trust your own judgment if it is safe for you to travel, but understand that short term cancellations will still be payable in this case (we can meet online in this case so you don’t lose out, see next paragraph).

By starting lessons/coaching, you automatically agree to these terms

What do I need to bring to my sessions?

In the case of mindset coaching, you only need to bring yourself 🙂

In all other cases: Please bring your own playbacks, sheet music, music books, lyric sheets, tabs/chord sheets etc. whenever possible.

I usually don’t recommend buying sheet music books straightaway because I first need to get to know your vocal strengths and weaknesses, your music and style preferences. All this information will eventually determine what sources I will recommend. Until then, I have a wide selection of materials in my music library we can use during lessons to get you started. I will be happy to suggest sheet music volumes and point you towards single sheet downloads – it is not always necessary to purchase a whole album or sheet music book, especially not at the start.

My studio is sufficiently equipped to plug in or connect your MP3 players/phone, or to play your CDs. If you need any help with choosing backing tracks or sheet music, feel free to contact me.

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