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Maybe you sometimes feel your body and mind let you down, and you are not able to sing, play, work (or generally just live) the way you want?

If that’s the case, I would like to invite you to pilot my somatic group coaching program. It is designed as a group class (10 to 15 participants) that will help you to reconnect with, and reclaim the wisdom of, your body so you are able to perform (and live!) more freely.

The class will be based around group coaching sessions via Zoom over 6 weeks. You will also have access to me between sessions via Marco Polo and receive assignments. Since this is a pilot, I am building it as we go along and will adapt it to your needs. So you will have a lot of influence on how the program develops, and due to the nature of a smaller group, you will get more individual attention and faster results. This is an amazing opportunity to shape and be part of a program that will hopefully benefit many performers in the future. 

Somatic experiencing is also used in trauma-informed therapy, but it is important to note that this course is not a substitute for therapy (I will happily talk you through alternatives and point you into the right direction if that’s what you need).

Despite the pilot nature, which is reflected in the course fee, this is not an invitation for free coaching (I offer lots of free content, too. If this is what you currently need, I’ll gladly point you towards my free Facebook group). 

I invite those of you who are committed to make changes and ready to explore how somatic coaching can help them move past the physical and mental blocks they are currently experiencing. 

If this sounds like something you need, you can purchase the course via the link below And if you have any further questions – any time.

The program is built around four main topics:


  • (Body) Boundaries
  • Building resources
  • Guided practice for grounding


  • Rebuild your relationship with your body
  • Reconnect with your instincts
  • Stabilise and settle your nervous system


  • Develop stress- and trauma resilience
  • Use strategies in the “real world” (incl. first aid approaches)
  • Techniques for stress- and trauma-prevention 


  • Learn more about the fight, flight and freeze responses
  • Identify the sensations and thoughts that cause fear or anxiety
  • Find out how unreleased energy and tension affect you

Let’s build something together.


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