Edit 22/06/2023: The Swellcast has been discontinued, but fret not:

I have moved to a brand new podcast on Substack (you can also listen via all major podcast platforms) that also gives you the opportunity to get show notes and newsletters, all in one place.

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I have long thought about starting a podcast, but between running my private studio/practice, lecturing and corporate gigs, I wanted to find something that is a bit more free-flowing and allows for more spontaneity.

Cue my brand-new Swellcast. The episodes are 5 minutes max, and what’s best: They allow YOU to participate! If you join, you can add to the conversation, and I regularly plan AMA’s, too: Feel free to send me topic-suggestions you would like me to cover.

You can listen to me telling stories about the meaning of being human, thoughts about all things performance- and general psychology, artistry, creativity, neuroscience, trauma-informed practice and therapy, mental wellness, resilience and the joy of play.

I hope you will join me!

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