Autumn 2021 Webinar Series

Registration and the opportunity to purchase the replays have now closed.

But fret not: Since the interest in these webinars has been so overwhelmingly positive, I have turned them into a self-study course for you. This course contains all the videos, audios, slide decks, quizzes and further opportunities to learn/study with me.

Are you as excited about this as I am?

If the answer is yes: Have a look at the course details page, or check out my page dedicated to performing arts teachers.

Professional Boundaries in the Performing Arts Studio

(Webinar recording will be available for four weeks to watch on replay).

The lines between coaching and therapy, emotional support and “meddling”, can sometimes feel extremely precarious in a performing arts studio. This webinar will give you an introduction into the difference between staying true to coaching principles and crossing the line into therapeutic territory (it happens more often than you’d think). What should be our guiding principles as performing arts teachers, how do we spot boundary violations (in both directions!) and last but not least, how can we not only protect our students’, but also our own mental health?

The Trauma-Aware Performing Arts Studio

(Webinar recording will be available for four weeks to watch on replay).

Are you aware (no pun intended) of the difference between being trauma-aware and trauma-informed? Do you know the different types of trauma an individual can encounter (they aren’t as straightforward as we might think)? How could you rethink the way you operate your studio to make it a safer and more welcoming place for trauma survivors without any need for disclosure from their end? All of these questions, and more, will be answered in this webinar…

An Introduction Into the Most Common Mental Health Problems (And Why You Should Know About Them)

(Webinar recording will be available for four weeks to watch on replay).

We will talk about the most common mental health problems you are likely to encounter in your studio sooner or later (and also who is statistically more likely to suffer from poor mental health). This webinar isn’t about diagnosing, but about spotting warning signs, being able to signpost/refer the student to the appropriate professional support network – and building/being part of that network yourself.

Performance Anxiety

(Music) Performance Anxiety – What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How the Performing Arts Teacher Can Help

(Webinar recording will be available for four weeks to watch on replay).

This session will give voice users, performers and performing arts teachers a theoretical and practical introduction into the vast topic of (Music) Performance Anxiety:

  • What is anxiety, and why do we develop (Music) Performance Anxiety?
  • How feelings of fear and anxiety impact voice users and performers somatically, cognitively and behaviourally
  • Why understanding “fight, flight and freeze” is the first step to normalising our physiological responses and removing the stigma
  • The difference between “top down” and “bottom up” approaches, and why there is no “one-size-fits-all-magic bullet”
  • When referral is advised
  • Practical examples and explorations of safe strategies to help clients with (Music) Performance Anxiety without crossing the boundary into therapy

The Power of Acceptance-and Commitment Coaching: Proactive, Problem-and Emotion-Focused Ideas for Your Performing Arts Studio

(Webinar recording will be available for four weeks to watch on replay).

If you are looking for coaching (or indeed self-care!) ideas that are a bit off the beaten track and fun (who knew!), this webinar might be for you: We will adapt the Superhero-Therapy concept to the Acceptance and Commitment Coaching context, and you (or your student) will learn to understand your origin story and discover your physical, mental and emotional superpowers. It might sound like something you would only do with kids, but I promise you that it is indeed used with adults to great success – embark on a hero’s journey with a twist.

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