Welcome to Singing Sense – Mindset & Vocal Coaching with Petra Raspel

“What would it be like to finally find my voice?”


“Should I just give up and believe the people who tell me I can’t sing (paint/write/dance/act…)?”


“I normally feel secure in my (singing) technique, but why do I freeze every time it really matters?”


“Why do I procrastinate and end up feeling creatively stuck?”


“I have no clue how to perform with emotion and technique?”


“Can I really charge people for that? No one is going to hire me if I put my prices up…”


“Why is my creative career not taking off?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, I’m here to help…


"Petra is a wonderful coach and mentor. She guides you, supports you and gives you the tools to become the vocalist you want to be."


“Thank you so much for everything you do! For having patience with me. For helping me find my voice and finding myself through that journey.”

Work With Me

Find Your Voice

Develop a powerful, reliable and free voice without having to sacrifice your musical preferences or sounding like everyone else.

Vocal Coaching and Singing Lessons are available at the Dumbarton Studio or Worldwide Online.

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Free Your Mind

Finally perform, write or create art without getting in your own way. Let go of fear, limiting beliefs and move from "starving artist"-mindset to creative abundance.
Mindset/Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is available Worldwide Online.

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Presentations & Workshops

If you would like me to present or run a workshop, please get in touch. I can cover topics like Performance Anxiety, Peak Performance Training, Singing for Mental Health or Mental Health in the (Performing) Arts, to name but a few.

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Let’s Coach!

Book your initial session (voice) or a quick consult (mindset), and we will figure out how I can help you to find the freedom to perform better and reach your creative goals.

Let's take your singing or creative career to the next level!

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