Creative Blocks – Reasons, Manifestations and Remedies

“Editors and publishers and critics and the world… I want acceptance there, and to feel my work good and well-taken. Which ironically freezes me at my work, corrupts my nunnish labor of work-for-itself-as-its-own-reward.” Sylvia Plath

We probably all felt stuck at some point or another, be it having no inspiration for writing a new song or not getting that manuscript finished on time.

When does that slight feeling of “being stuck” become existential though? Where is the transition from feeling a bit uninspired to experience a full-blown block?

I talked about creative blocks in this Facebook LIVE session and tried to give a brief overview of the neuroscience of creativity, different kinds of creative blocks we can experience (and their underlying reasons) and how to ultimately get unstuck again.

I would love to hear about your own experiences with creative blocks, so please leave your thoughts and comments.

© Petra Borzynski 2018

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