I am sure many of you have asked yourselves this question quite a few times:

”Is this still worth doing? Should I commit further, or would it be better to quit?”

No matter if you are thinking of quitting music lessons, quitting your job, maybe even leaving a relationship, the uncertainty about whether it will be the right decision to make is near always the same.

And while I can’t tell you if your hobby is still worth pursuing, or whether you should think about a different job, I can help you with a few questions to ask yourself to gain more clarity.

I did a little Facebook Live on the subject of “committing or quitting” a while back, and I thought my blog readers might find it interesting, too:

When did you last feel stuck making a decision?

Let me know if I can help in any way – leave your questions in the comments.

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Petra Borzynski is a voice coach and therapist with special expertise in helping (performing) artists and creatives to overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to perform better and without fear. She has helped hundreds of people to prepare for or sustain a singing career, find personal fulfilment through music and overcome limiting beliefs & performance anxiety. Her articles on singing, creativity and performance psychology have been featured in several publications.
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