I am sure many of you have asked yourselves this question quite a few times:

”Is this still worth doing? Should I commit further, or would it be better to quit?”

No matter if you are thinking of quitting music lessons, quitting your job, maybe even leaving a relationship, the uncertainty about whether it will be the right decision to make is near always the same.

And while I can’t tell you if your hobby is still worth pursuing, or whether you should think about a different job, I can help you with a few questions to ask yourself to gain more clarity.

I did a little Facebook Live on the subject of “committing or quitting” a while back, and I thought my blog readers might find it interesting, too:

When did you last feel stuck making a decision?

Let me know if I can help in any way – either leave your questions in the comments, or schedule a free discovery call if you seek for more clarity in your creative career.

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