I have long wanted to expand on the idea of combining my love for the written word with sharing what might be of help or interest to someone out there:

Enter “The Creative Cure” on Substack, where I will explore how art and creativity can help us cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges, but also how our creativity (and everything that comes with it) can sometimes feel like the root of our struggles. 

All new articles will go there from now on, so you will only find the odd new addition to my blog here on WordPress if I feel it thematically doesn’t fit over at The Creative Cure.

The idea is to talk about a specific topic on a fortnightly schedule, and to break it down as follows:

  • The Topic – which pretty much speaks for itself. It’s an intro into what the week will be about.
  • The Myth – in which I will talk about a common, well myth, related to a mental health or creativity topic, and whether it holds true or not.
  • The Exploration – where I will either ask interesting questions, or give you something you can explore or chew on.
  • The Podcast – where you get everything as a read-out in one neat package (if you prefer to listen).

If you would like to hear from me weekly: This newsletter will alternate with “The Sandman: Shadow Truths”, in which I explore mental health and creativity through storytelling (in this case, through Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”, but more about that another time). You can subscribe to it separately via my Substack if this is something that sounds like it would float your boat. 

Take this as an invitation to join me over at The Creative Cure. Because in all honesty: Despite being a therapist, I still very much ask myself many, many questions every day, and more often than not, I don’t have answers.

I’d love to say hello!

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About Petra Raspel Borzynski

Petra Borzynski is a voice coach and therapist with special expertise in helping (performing) artists and creatives to overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to perform better and without fear. She has helped hundreds of people to prepare for or sustain a singing career, find personal fulfilment through music and overcome limiting beliefs & performance anxiety. Her articles on singing, creativity and performance psychology have been featured in several publications.
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