Vocology in Practice – Ed Hub

I will be joining Vocology in Practice’s Ed Hub for a presentation about Acceptance and Commitment Coaching in the Voice Studio. If you are interested to join us, please have a look here.

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Celebrate Singing Conference “Better Together”

I am so excited to be back presenting for Celebrate Singing’s Spring Conference “Better Together”.  Join us for two days of presentations about: How singers’ journeys have empowered others to boost their vocal health. How to enhance the physical and neurological changes that can cause the voice to noticeably slow down. How to optimize food …

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Mental Health in the Voice Studio (ViP Guest Speaker)

I will be a guest speaker for Vocology in Practice’s Virtual Voice Conference between November 12-14. We will talk about Mental Health in the Voice Studio: The lines between coaching and therapy, emotional support and “meddling”, can sometimes feel extremely precarious. How do we stay true to coaching principles, when are we crossing the line …

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(Music) Performance Anxiety – What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How the Performing Arts Teacher Can Help

This session will give voice users, performers and performing arts teachers a theoretical and practical introduction into the vast topic of (Music) Performance Anxiety: What is anxiety, and why do we develop (Music) Performance Anxiety? How feelings of fear and anxiety impact voice users and performers somatically, cognitively and behaviourally Why understanding “fight, flight and …

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An Introduction Into the Most Common Mental Health Problems (And Why You Should Know About Them)

We will talk about the most common mental health problems you are likely to encounter in your studio sooner or later (and also who is statistically more likely to suffer from poor mental health). This webinar isn’t about diagnosing, but about spotting warning signs, being able to signpost/refer the student to the appropriate professional support …

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